Our committee

Our Group is run by a Committee of 5 people, who help plan, arrange and publicise our programme of meetings.  

Some of the Committee members changed at our AGM in June 2018, the new committee is now made up of the following :- 

Chairperson              -             vacant

Secretary                    -           Barbara Graves 

Treasurer                   -           Kris Cerullo

Website Facilitator    -           Paul Hadjikyriacou

Committee member  -           Bridie Hartley

Committee member  -           Cherry Bowmaker  

We are still looking for new Committee members and a new Chairperson. If you feel that you could help us in any way and would be interested in joining our Committee, please contact us via our website at www.st-helens-and-district.diabetesukgroup.org, Facebook or by phoning our secretary, Barbara on 0151 426 8336