Septemebr 2017 Newsletter

Welcome to the first of our new programme of meetings. We hope you all had an enjoyable summer. We are delighted to welcome tonight`s speaker Dr Kanayo Umeh, who is a Chartered Psychologist and Snr Lecturer, from Liverpool John Moores University. Unfortunately Ben Gibson, who is a Phd student, was also going to come along, but he has not been able to make it, as he had another commitment. Dr Umeh will be talking to us about the HbA1c blood tests we should all have at least once a year, and how to cope with the feelings we may experience if we have a disappointing result.

Excellent news!!!!! In the last newsletter we reported that the Prescot Walking Group`s

Sponsored walk, to raise funds for our Group, had taken place on the 3rd June. Bridie Caroline and Cherry went to meet the Walking Group`s Committee last Fri and were delighted when they presented them with a cheque for £3,103.65!!!! We never dreamt it would raise that much! For photos of the presentation you can visit our website at Wow! Many thanks to the Prescot Walking Group and all their members for getting so many sponsors!!

What is a Hypo (Hypoglycaemia)? It`s when blood glucose levels (or blood sugar) drops too low, usually below 4mmol/l. Not everyone with diabetes will have hypos. They happen if the balance of your diabetes medication (especially insulin), the food you`ve eaten and physical exertion, isn`t right. Hypos can happen quickly, so it`s important to know what the signs are and what to do. Everyone has different signs, but the most common ones are: hunger, shakiness, sweating, anxiety, irritability, blurred vision, tingly lips, palpitations and a fast pulse. Most adults need 15-20g of fast acting carbohydrate. Treatments include: sugary drinks (non diet), glucose tablets, sweets, such as jelly babies, pure fruit juice and glucose gel. Don`t use high fat foods like chocolate, as fat will delay the absorption of the sugar so it won`t treat your hypo fast enough. If you`re not sure what to use, remember there are a number of  hypo treatments available on prescription, so ask your GP f or more information.

Warning to People with diabetes who use Lucozade Energy drink to correct low blood sugars Many people with diabetes (especially those who take insulin) use lucozade as a quick way of raising their blood sugar level when it drops too low. Just to make sure you are all aware, that Lucozade Energy drink now has almost 50% less carbohydrate in it than previously. Please be aware of the following info: lucozade energy used to contain just under 16g of carb per 100ml, but since April this year it only contains 8.9g of carb per 100ml, there is nothing on the label to inform you of this change! Please make sure that everyone you know who has diabetes is aware of this! For further info you can take one of the sheets at the front, visit their website at or phone 0800 096 3666.

Contact details, occasionally we want to contact people between meetings, to pass on any changes regarding meeting details, or to let you know any information about diabetes or DUK that may be of use to you. We can only do this to the people who have given us their contact details. If you would like to make sure we have your details, please add them to the list at the front.


Do you use a NovoPen Echo or NovoPen 5 to inject your insulin? If so, Novo Nordisk have issued an important safety warning, some of the pens have been found to crack which could result in a smaller dose of insulin than selected, being injected. This could obviously result in high blood sugar levels. Please see the info sheets at the front, which explain how to tell if your pen is likely to have a fault or not. For further details contact Novo Nordisk`s Careline on 0845 600 5055.


Thank you to Sainsbury`s Millfields Store in St Helens for supporting us as their Local Charity Partner for the past year! They allowed us to come into the store and to raise awareness about diabetes, to help those at risk of developing it and to collect money to help pay for our meetings. Over the year from July 2016 – June 2017, we held 3 awareness days, which raised over £346 as well as giving us the opportunity to talk to many of their customers about diabetes. Sainsbury`s also raised an extra £430 for us, which makes a grand total of £776 over the year! Many thanks to Sainsbury`s and to all of their customers for their generosity! We would like to pass on our good wishes to their new Local Charity Partner- Ronald McDonald House.

The Diabetes UK Careline has been renamed “Diabetes UK Helpline” it still provides info & advice on all aspects of living with diabetes. Simply call 0345 123 2399 from 9am - 7pm, Mon – Fri, or email or go to

St Helens CCG Annual General meeting will be held on Thurs 21st Sept, in St Helens Parish Church and Church Square, from11am – 3.30pm.You will be able to get a Health Check, answers to any questions you have, and to find out all about Local Health Services. For further details take a flyer from the front, email or phone 01744 627 596.

The next meeting of the Patient Participation Group will be on Thurs 21st Sept at 5.30pm, in Nightingale House, Whiston Hospital. The Patient Experience Team are always looking for a range of patients from across the local communities, to help ensure that the services provided are developed to suit the needs of the people who use them. If you would be interested in going along, pick up one of the flyers from the front, email or phone Michael on 0151 430 1473.

Do you know anyone who may be concerned about their risk of developing Type 2 diabetes? 7 million adults in the UK are at high risk of developing Type 2. Anyone can check their risk by going to and answering 7 simple questions, it should only take a few mins. If they are concerned and want to talk to someone about diabetes, they can contact Diabetes UK`s Helpline by phoning 0345 123 2399 between the hours of 9am – 7pm, Monday – Friday, or emailing:


Details of our next meeting :

 Date . . . . . . . Wednesday 4th October 2017, 7.30pm.

 Subject . . . . . Diabetes Annual Foot Screening, and changes to the service

Speaker . . . . . Helen Pendlebury, Diabetes Advanced Dietitian, St Helens & Knowsley Teaching Hospitals Trust