Meeting Update

Many thanks for all your past support in helping to let people know about our Diabetes UK meetings. I emailed you on 10th March about the cancellation of our meetings in April and May. Unfortunately we`ve had to cancel our next meeting too, which was was due to take place on Wed 3rd June, at the St Helens United Reformed Church. That would have been our last meeting of our present programme.

We usually start our next programme of meetings in Sept, but at the moment we, like everyone else, can`t be sure when our next meeting will be, so all I can suggest is that people visit our website at or contact us on 0151 480 0821, hopefully we`ll have more information by July/August. If anyone needs any general advice or support regarding their diabetes at this difficult time, they can phone the Diabetes UK 

Helpline on 0345 123 2399 or visit

Hope you are all keeping well and looking after yourselves.