May Newsletter 2017


St Helens & District Group

Welcome to tonight`s meeting, which will start with a very short AGM. After this, Dr Sid McNulty will be talking to us on the subject of: “Heart Disease and Diabetes”. Dr McNulty is a Cons Physician & Diabetologist from St Helens Specialist Diabetes Unit.

Copies of the agenda, minutes and Accounts for 2016, are available by the door Please help yourself to a copy of of each of them. If you have any questions regarding the accounts, please see Caroline, our Treasurer.

I`m very sorry to say that our long standing committee member and respected friend Bob Bannerman, passed away on Fri 7 th April. Bob was 91 and will be sadly missed by those who knew him well, especially for his dry sense of humour and his incredible memory of years ago. I mentioned in the last newsletter that he was stepping down from the Committee after more than 30 years of volunteering with DUK. So thanks again Bob and Rest in Peace after your last few years of ill health.

New Venue For Our DUK Meetings. Unfortunately, after more than 30 years of our meetings being held in St Helens Town Hall, we have had to look for a new venue for our monthly meetings. Like most Councils, St Helens have to find massive savings over the next few years, which is likely to mean that the Town Hall will no longer open in the evenings. Unfortunately, we needed to get our new programme cards printed before June, so we could distribute them before the summer break. This meant we had to find another venue as soon as possible. After considering several other possibilities, we have decided to hold all our future meetings in the United Reformed Church, King St, St Helens, WA10 2JZ. Yes! Where we are tonight! We will also be having our next meeting, on the7th June, here too, because the Town hallwill not be available because of the General Election the day after.

Correction to an item in the March Newsletter, in the paragraph about local Lifestyle Referral Programmes, I incorrectly put that they were free, unfortunately this is no longer true. If you missed it but would like more info, see the corrected paragraphs at the front.

Free health checks and information available at “Healthy in St Helens Event” As mentioned last month, this event will be on Fri 12 th and Sat 13 th May in Church Square, St Helens, from10am - 4pm. The Healthy Living Team will be on hand to help answer people`s queries. Free and fun family activities will take place throughout the event, Along with other charities, we will be having a DUK stand, so come along and say hello. For further details contact Colin on 07767352677, Or email him at

Last year we were chosen by Sainsbury`s Millfields store as their Local Charity Partner. This partnership continues until July this year. We held a Diabetes Awareness Day in store last Oct, and raised over £80. Some of our Committee members went again on the 8th April and gave out information on diabetes, spoke to many of the customers about the condition and were delighted by their generosity and level of interest. This time we raised over £114 to help fund our meetings. Thank you Sainsbury`s Millfields Store!

Help for problems with your diabetes, if you attend the St Helens Diabetes Unit in St Helens Hospital, you are welcome to phone for advice and support. This is usually available from 9 – 5, Mon – Fri. For non urgent queries leave a message on the answerphone on 01744 646 266, a Diabetic Nurse Specialist will return your call within a day. For urgent queries or to change your clinic apt, ring the Diabetes Reception on 01744 646 244 /245.

Diabetes UK`s Enjoy Food e-newsletter is a new monthly email, focusing on the best of seasonal fruit and veg. It provides mealtime inspiration and handy tips to help you eat well, feel good, enjoy food and lose weight if you want to. It also shows you how to make your food shopping easier, and new ways to cook your favourite foods. For further info and to sign up for the e-newsletter, go to

Going on holiday with your diabetes will be more enjoyable and relaxing if you plan carefully in advance all the things you will need. Help yourself to one of the holiday check lists and have a lovely holiday!

Hot weather and how to stay hydrated, Drink at least 8 glasses of sugar-free liquid a day, tea & coffee all count. Don`t wait until you`re thirsty to drink, that means you`re already dehydrated. When exercising, keep a bottle of water with you anddrink it, during and after the exercise. A rough guide is 1 litre of water for every hour of strenuous exercise. Then just hope for lots of hot weather!

New Programme Cards for 2017/18 will be available at the June meeting. If you will not be here to collect one, please write your name and details on the list at the front, so we can post you one out. It would be very helpful for us if you could assist us in publicising our group, by taking some to your local Pharmacy, Drs, Opticians, libraries, Sports Centres etc, If you would like some spare ones to pass on to anyone else who may be interested,please put how many on the list, we would be happy to send you as many as you can use.

Do you ever wonder why your blood sugar levels sometimes seem to get worse? Remember, just about everything that happens in your daily life affects your blood sugar levels. Any sort of stressful situation, like exams, new job, moving house, bereavement, and illness can all have an effect. When stressed or anxious the body releases adrenaline (the fight or flight hormone) which in turn raises your sugar levels. We all know that living with a Long Term Condition, like diabetes can be difficult. If you`re feeling anxious or depressed, you probably won`t look after yourself as well, so ask your Dr or nurse about emotional and psychological support. If you test your blood sugar levels at home, make sure you know what your targets should be. If you`re not sure, ask your Diabetes Health Care Team.

Details of next meeting :

Date . . . . . . . Wednesday 7th June 2017, 7.30pm.

Subject . . . . . Curing Diabetes – A possibility or not?

Speaker . . . . . Professor Kevin Hardy, Consultant Physician & Endocrinologist, Specialist Diabetes Unit, St Helens Hospital.

Please note, this meeting will not be back in the Town Hall, but will be here again, in the United Reformed Church, King St, St Helens, WA10 2JZ.

The May newsletter can be downloaded here.