Advice for People with diabetes who use Lucozade Energy to correct low blood sugars

Just to make sure you are all aware, that Lucozade Energy drink now has almost 50% less carbohydrate in it than previously. (See website here)

I know that a large number of people with diabetes (especially those who take insulin) use lucozade as a quick way of raising their blood sugar levels when it drops too low. I`ve certainly been using it since shortly after diagnosis over 30 years ago!

Please be aware of the following info: 

  1. lucozade energy used to contain just under 16g of carb per 100ml
  2. Since April this year it only contains 8.9g of carb per 100ml
  3. There is nothing on the label to inform you of this!

I`ve contacted Lucozade and explained the situation regarding the use of the drink to help with a hypo. They said that it was on the website, I told them that if people had been using it for many years, why would they suddenly decide to look at the website? It wouldn`t occur to them! It really needs to be on the label. She offered me some money off vouchers!! So I said well that`s very kind of you but what I and many people want and need is for it to be clearly written on the label that it contains 50% less sugar before folk start taking the amount of lucozade that they`ve always had, and end up unconscious because their blood sugar hasn`t had enough fast acting carbs to increase their blood sugar levels.

Please make sure that everyone you know who has diabetes is aware of this change! For further info see website below

Best wishes